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still from Beside the A-Side (Installation)

Beside the A-Side (Installation)

J. Smith (2002)

An installation based on found audio tape documented in a similar manner to Lost Sound.

still from Between


D. Hall (1972/3)

An attempt to establish the processes of filming and viewing as one.

still from Between You and I

Between You and I

A. McCall (2006)

The second two-projector, vertical installation, based on a similar syntax to ''You and I'' but with the rates-of-change and speeds-of-motion significantly changed.

still from Beyond the Blue Grain

Beyond the Blue Grain

T. Keane (1996)

still from Big Sheep, The

Big Sheep, The

M. Tait (1966)

A journey through the Highlands where echoes of the clearances, of 'handed-down memories still affect people.'

still from Birdsong


S. Biswas (2004)

A two-screen film installation with a horse in a domestic interior.

still from Black, White & Green - The Way of Pie

Black, White & Green - The Way of Pie

I. Bourn (2003)

Meditation on the pie & mash aesthetic.

still from Black and Silver

Black and Silver

W. Raban (1981)

An oneiric fantasy in pursuit of reflections and duplicates.

still from Blackbird Descending - Tense Alignment

Blackbird Descending - Tense Alignment

M. Le Grice (1977)

Spoken dialogue, written text and elaborate montage combine with structuralist strategies.

still from Black Gate

Black Gate

A. Nicolson (1972)

Seeing through the black gate from the yard.

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