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film and video a to z
still from Black Magic

Black Magic

A. Course (2002)

Instructions on how to take advantage of the poverty stricken by prostitution.

still from Blackstock Estate Tapes

Blackstock Estate Tapes

K. Meynell (1987)

The product of Meynell's work as a video artist on the Blackstock Estate along with the photographer David Hevey on the Barnsbury Estate, Mark Fairnington, a painter, on the Gridlestone Estate and Roger Tondrow on the Hornsey Lane Estate.

still from The Black Tower

The Black Tower

J. Smith (1985-7)

A film about a man who believes he is being stalked by a black tower.

still from Blight


J. Smith (1994-6)

A document of the destruction of the houses pulled down to make way for the M11 motorway out of East London.

still from Blind Light

Blind Light

S. Pucill (2007)

The presence of camera, studio and artist/performer are registered through image and sound, the loss of the former filling out the presence of the latter.

still from Blind White Duration

Blind White Duration

M. Le Grice (1968)

A film concerned with constructing an experience out of limited perceptions..

still from Block 73c

Block 73c

E.Tan (2006)

still from Blood and Fire

Blood and Fire

R. Nashashibi (2003)

A lunch

still from Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom

J. Smith (1978-9)

Blue Bathroom is a distillation of ideas concerning the tension between representation and materiality.

still from Blue Black Permanent

Blue Black Permanent

M. Tait (1992)

Tait's first feature film - a study of a daughter's attempt to understand her mother's death

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