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still from Blue Boys

Blue Boys

S. Marshall (1992)

still from Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

K. Meynell (1997/8)

A pair of eyes is projected onto sanded glasses, they appear as if looking at a small LCD screen, which is tuned to TV.

still from Blue Field Duration

Blue Field Duration

M. Le Grice (1972)

Colour field permutations..

still from Blues in B Flat

Blues in B Flat

J. Parker (2000)

The film opens in a music repair shop and we see the interior of a 'cello - the space where music resonates.

still from Blurt


A. Thew (1983)

the problematics of translation from one language to another, are compared to the last of a bout of boxing.

still from Boat Race

Boat Race

E.Tan (1998/2000)

Boat Race is a performative participatory work that forms a continuum with Tan's other investigations into colour coding and early Victorian racial classifications.

still from Borderline


R. Haselden (2002)

Through the changing seasons, a field in Brittany, France was photographed and a slowly dissolving sequence was made of the changing views

still from Bound words - Stolen Honey

Bound words - Stolen Honey

A. Tallentire (1988)

Post graduate exhibition Slade School of Art.

still from The Boy Scout Soldier

The Boy Scout Soldier

C. Elwes (2000)

Second work in the War Stories series

still from Branson


G. Barber (1984)

A film about Richard Branson

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