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film and video a to z
still from Caraibe


G. Eatherley (2002)

Fifteen short films based on the findings in 'Caribbean Life and Lights'

still from Cargo Cultures

Cargo Cultures

K. Piper (1992)

A companion piece to 'Trade Winds' 1992.

still from Car Painting

Car Painting

G. Barber (2006)

still from Car Park Greeting

Car Park Greeting

C. Elwes (1998)

A cross-cultural Madonna and Child presented as a banner. Commissioned by Leeds General Hospital.

still from Car Wash

Car Wash

H. Lloyd (2005)

A car wash.

still from Cast


S. Pucill (1999)

Cast creates a claustrophobic and haunting space where people and things invade worlds in which they do not normally belong.

still from Cast


E.Tan (2004/5)

still from Castle 1

Castle 1

M. Le Grice (1966)

The lightbulb film..

still from Castle Two

Castle Two

M. Le Grice (1968)

Exploring the theme of the military/industrial complex and its psychological impact upon the individual..

still from Catalogue for the Birds: Book 3

Catalogue for the Birds: Book 3

J. Parker (2007)

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