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film and video a to z
still from Cate and Shauna Play Quietly

Cate and Shauna Play Quietly

C. Elwes (1978)

still from Catherine/Cate Conversation

Catherine/Cate Conversation

C. Elwes (1979)

Performance at the New Contemporaries,ICA

still from Caution X Ray

Caution X Ray

T. Keane (1994)

still from Celestial Navigation

Celestial Navigation

J. Smith (1980)

A spade on the beach remains a constant focus for changes of time, light and passers by.

still from Central Bazaar

Central Bazaar

S. Dwoskin (1976)

Everything is there, all the items and in all manner of design and display and arrangement.

still from Century City

Century City

S. Croft (2006)

Century City is a dual-screen film installation that creates a narrative and spatial impossibility.

still from C-Film


S. Dwoskin (1970)

Two actresses act nothing.

still from Chair Film

Chair Film

G. Eatherley (1971)

Experimental representations of a chair.

still from Chair Installation

Chair Installation

G. Eatherley (1973)

Film installation with chairs.

still from Chameleon


T. Syed (1990)

A woman surfaces within an interior landscape where she is both trapped and contained.

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