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film and video a to z
still from Changing


D. Critchley (1973)

still from Changing Light

Changing Light

C. Welsby (2004)

The installation is comprised of a series of eight, three minute takes of a small alpine lake, all shot at the same oblique angle to the surface of the lake.

still from Chanting Heads

Chanting Heads

K. Piper (1988)

still from Cheap Philosophy

Cheap Philosophy

R. Novaczek (1992)

Miserable performative queer comedy.

still from China Tea

China Tea

M. Le Grice (1965)

8mm still life of a black chinese tea set..

still from Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers

S. Dwoskin (1964)

A game of chess between two strangely costumed adversaries.

still from Chintz


E.Tan (1997/2001)

The title 'Chintz' referenced the particular wallpaper design found in the drawing room space in Pitshanger Manor Museum.

still from Chronos Fragmented

Chronos Fragmented

M. Le Grice (1995)

Video as a creative form of memory..

still from Cinematic Architecture For The Pedestrian

Cinematic Architecture For The Pedestrian

I. Bourn (1985)

In 1985 Ian Bourn invited artists to use the facade of his house as a site for back-projecting their films.

still from Circles


G. Barber (1997)

A minute in the lives of a social circle

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