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film and video a to z
still from Close Up

Close Up

P. Gidal (1983)

Interview material with Nicaraguan revolutionaries on the subject of art, propaganda and imperialism.

still from Closing/Close By

Closing/Close By

M. Curran (2000)

A meditation on the power of cinema and storytelling

still from Cloud Fragments

Cloud Fragments

C. Welsby (1978)

A systematic analysis of cloud movement.

still from Clouds


P. Gidal (1969)

Frantic frame edge defining nothingness

still from Club Mix

Club Mix

K. Piper (1999)

The collective term for a series of club orientated VJ events connected to 'Relocating the Remains'

still from Cold Draft

Cold Draft

L. Rhodes (1988)

It is dangerous to step out of line and lethal not to.

still from Cold Jazz

Cold Jazz

J. Parker (1993)

‘When an oyster is opened for examination it is also destroyed.' (C. M. Yonge).

still from Colin


H. Lloyd (1996)

Colin moving abandoned rubbish around.

still from Colin#2


H. Lloyd (1999)

Colin taking off and putting back on his vest as slowly as he possibly can.

still from Colour Poems

Colour Poems

M. Tait (1974)

''Well, yes, I do remember the young men going off to fight in Spain.''

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