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still from Colour Separation

Colour Separation

C. Welsby (1974)

...a moving impressionist painting in which time is seen to participate in the construction of the colour image.

still from Colours of this Time

Colours of this Time

W. Raban (1972)

A dawn to dusk timelapse study filmed in Kensington Gardens.

still from Company


A. Tallentire (2004)

Extends the investigation of 'Instances' 1999

still from Comrades in Arms

Comrades in Arms

S. Marshall (1990)

The Second World War is re-examined thorugh the eyes of a group of gay servicemen and servicewomen.

still from Condition of Illusion

Condition of Illusion

P. Gidal (1975)

"In Condition of Illusion nothing is held into a representation." -Stephen Heath, 1978.

still from Cone of Variable Volume

Cone of Variable Volume

A. McCall (1974)

A range of expansion/contraction becomes the constant.

still from Confessions


W. Raban (1997)

Camera performs a bungee jump.

still from Configuration


G. Sherwin (1975 (2006))

still from Configuration


G. Sherwin (1975 (2006))

still from Configuration 0

Configuration 0

T. Syed (1998)

Images of desert, frozen landscapes and water, fluid and unformed inhabit a geometric shape.

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