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film and video a to z
still from Cradle to the Grave

Cradle to the Grave

D. Critchley (2003)

still from The Critic's Informed Viewing

The Critic's Informed Viewing

C. Elwes (1982)

Prancing Top of the Pops chanteuses with heavy-handed feminist voice-over.

still from Critical Decade Cd-1-Cd

Critical Decade Cd-1-Cd

K. Piper (1995)

still from Critical Moments (for Jean Piaget)

Critical Moments (for Jean Piaget)

M. Le Grice (2004)

short video piece.

still from Cross Section

Cross Section

G. Sherwin (1977)

A hand-made film in which image and sound are carved directly out of rolls of tightly-wound black film. Projected on two screens in an accelerating/ decelerating pattern.

still from Crusade


K. Piper (2004)

'Crusade' was a solo multimedia exhibition which emerged from a process of site specific research into the history of the city of St Louis.

still from Crystal Aquarium

Crystal Aquarium

J. Parker (1995)

still from Crystal Gazing

Crystal Gazing

L. Mulvey & P. Wollen (1981)

The lives of four people set against the background of recession London in 1982.

still from Cumulative Script

Cumulative Script

D. Lamelas (1971)

still from Curtain Trip

Curtain Trip

G. Barber (1991)

An abstract experiment in colour

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