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film and video a to z
still from Darren and Darren

Darren and Darren

H. Lloyd (2000)

Darren and Darren crawling through each others legs.

still from Das Pelzchen

Das Pelzchen

M. Curran (1997)

Michael Curran explores his obsession with Sacher-Masoch

still from Dave in America

Dave in America

D. Critchley (1980)

still from Dawn


H. Lloyd (1999)

Dawn sitting and smoking occasionally.

still from Dead Happy

Dead Happy

S. Croft (1998)

A trailer for a non-existent TV drama is merged with a documentary, shot in the afterlife.

still from Deadline


L. Rhodes (1991)

The shock is not that things are/but that they are arranged - as they are.

still from Dead Wall Reverie

Dead Wall Reverie

M. Curran (1999)

Curran's response to Herman Melville's 'Bartleby'.

still from Dear Frances (in memoriam)

Dear Frances (in memoriam)

S. Dwoskin ()

Elegy for the loss of a friend.

still from Deck


G. Eatherley (1971)

An 8mm record of a voyage to Finland transformed by process.

still from Deep Faith

Deep Faith

I. Breakwell (2003)

Accompanied by the music of Messiaen, an audio-visual projection on the subject of faith.

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