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film and video a to z
still from Delilah


T. Syed (1995)

Located in the darkness, a place of no boundaries, Delilah is a 'meditation on violence', love and survival.

still from Demolition/ Escape

Demolition/ Escape

T. Keane (1983)

An installation using seven monitors and a model steam train.

still from Denials


P. Gidal (1986)

Realism of another kind.

still from Depth of Field

Depth of Field

A. Nicolson (1973)

Attempt to film in a landscape.

still from Depth of Filmed

Depth of Filmed

A. Nicolson (1973)

Landscape with film strip blowing in front of the lens.

still from Der Engel

Der Engel

C. Swann (1981)

An image of Berlin in the early 60s, a city frozen in time.

still from Descent


R. Haselden (2003)

Visual moments taken by a camera in a light aircraft as it descends from above the clouds at twilight to its landing in the dark at a small airport in Northern France.

still from The Desert People

The Desert People

D. Lamelas (1974)

still from Desert Rose

Desert Rose

C. Swann (1996)

A chilling account of the after effects suffered by the 'down-winders' from the Nevada Desert nuclear testing site.

still from Desert Storm

Desert Storm

G. Ndiritu (2004)

A beautiful haunting image juxtaposed with the soothing music of the Saharan nomads' leaves many implications and contradictions of the piece unresolved...

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