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film and video a to z
still from Don't do to her what you did to me

Don't do to her what you did to me

Z. Sedira (1998/2001)

One sees a close-up shot of a glass being filled with water.

still from Don't Say

Don't Say

M. Le Grice (1973)

Is a four screen film shot with two cameras.

still from Donkeyhead


A. Kötting (1998)

It's magic, and he's been roundin our family for years and years and years

still from Doorway


A. Nicolson (1974)

There wasn't any film - it was to do with light and light creating a space for information, without the light there's no information.

still from Cycles 1 (aka Dot Cycle)

Cycles 1 (aka Dot Cycle)

G. Sherwin (1972/77)

A handmade film of a circular form that fluctuates in rhythms of light and sound. Cycles 3 is a version for two projectors.

still from Double


M. Curran (1993)

A study of Narcissism

still from Double Portrait

Double Portrait

R. Haselden (1975)

An experiment in creating a mirror portrait.

still from Doubles Round

Doubles Round

G. Eatherley (1973)

View from a window

still from Doubling Back

Doubling Back

A. McCall (2003)

Two travelling waves pass imperceptibly through one another to create a continuously mutating set of interior spaces.

still from Là Bas (down there)

Là Bas (down there)

A. Kötting (1994)

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