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still from Fabricated


E.Tan (2003)

A series of interventions into the museum and a guided tour around the interior.

still from Face Anthea

Face Anthea

S. Dwoskin (1990)

With the complete exposure of the face a veritable orgy is invited.

still from Face of Our Fear

Face of Our Fear

S. Dwoskin (1992)

The image of disability is traced through history.

still from Faces 1 & Faces 2

Faces 1 & Faces 2

J. Smith (1974)

Studies of movement and stasis.

still from Faded Wallpaper

Faded Wallpaper

T. Keane (1988)

Visual perception, madness and the search for identity.

still from Faint


E.Tan (2004)

Bereft of the tools to navigation, how do we orientate ourselves towards or in a new context?

still from Fair


J. Al-Ani (2002)

Al Ani's mother brushes the hair of each of her daughters, one after the other, conveying the continuity, care and comparative differences and similarities of any family

still from Family Garden Madrid

Family Garden Madrid

R. Haselden (2007)

still from Family Idea

Family Idea

R. Haselden (2004/5)

still from Fatimas Letter

Fatimas Letter

A. Syed (1992)

When we define ourselves, when I define myself, the place in which I am like you and the place in which I am not like you, I'm not excluding you from joining - I'm broadening the joining.' - Audrey Lorde.

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