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still from Fatimas Letter

Fatimas Letter

A. Syed (1992)

When we define ourselves, when I define myself, the place in which I am like you and the place in which I am not like you, I'm not excluding you from joining - I'm broadening the joining.' - Audrey Lorde.

still from Felix


H. Lloyd (1995)

Felix reclining in a forest.

still from Female into Male

Female into Male

C. Elwes (1977)

When Annie and I followed in the time-honoured tradition of female cross-dressers.

still from Festival of Brent

Festival of Brent

A. K├Âtting (1993)

still from Fez


A. Nicolson (1971/2)

An exploration through images.

still from Fforest Bay

Fforest Bay

C. Welsby (1973)

This film was shot in a small, sheltered bay on the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales.

still from Field 2

Field 2

R. Haselden (2007)

still from Fiery Romance

Fiery Romance

S. Marshall (1978)

A drama-documentary in two parts (each being assigned to a separate screen).

still from 50 / 50

50 / 50

R. Novaczek (1998)

A short beat/rap movie.

still from Film 18 Paris IV.70 (People and Time-Paris)

Film 18 Paris IV.70 (People and Time-Paris)

D. Lamelas (1970/2004)

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