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film and video a to z
still from Focus


P. Gidal (1971)

..A film whose 'repetitions' are as close to mechanistic processes (loops) as the human camera-operator can go..' - P.G.

still from Footnote


M. Curran (1998)

*Footnote deals with the space of fantasy in collapse

still from Forbidden Heroines

Forbidden Heroines

A. Tallentire (1987)

still from Forgive Me

Forgive Me

A. K├Âtting (1983)

still from For You In Me And Me In Them To Be One

For You In Me And Me In Them To Be One

B. Beban (1988)

Filmed deep in the mountains of south Serbia.

still from Fountain


H. Lloyd (2002)

Spray from a fountain.

still from Four Corners, A Contest of Opposites

Four Corners, A Contest of Opposites

K. Piper (1995)

still from Four Frontiers

Four Frontiers

K. Piper (1998)

The conceptual starting point of this piece was the division of geographical space around the four points of the compass and the re-enforcing of national and conceptual frontiers of difference.

still from Four Projected Movements

Four Projected Movements

A. McCall (1975)

A single fifteen-minute sweep of a triangular blade of light through 90 degrees, along a wall, becomes four distinct architectural interventions through the agency of the projector.

still from Fourth Wall

Fourth Wall

P. Gidal (1978)

The film attempts to deal with angles of non-anthropomorphic viewing, the non-positing within the profilmic of the always boringly searched for stand-in. P.G.

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