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film and video a to z
still from Four Wall Duration

Four Wall Duration

M. Le Grice (1973)

A four screen, four wall film-loop installation..

still from Four Ways to Feel Amazing

Four Ways to Feel Amazing

H. Offeh (2002)

Borrowing from the vernacular of magazines and self-help manuals, Offeh's video offers the visitor a four-step plan to a better life.

still from Foxfire Eins

Foxfire Eins

J. Parker (2000)

In FoxFire Eins the 'cellist must play with both hands plucking and striking the strings which are tuned down a perfect fourth.

still from Fragments for Eye Drift

Fragments for Eye Drift

A. Thew (2000)

still from Fragments for Eye Drift - Al Saqi Books Installation

Fragments for Eye Drift - Al Saqi Books Installation

A. Thew (2001)

an installation with video monitor, drawings, texts, books and photographs, including a broken glass and a bowl of plums in AL SAQI BOOKS window.

still from Frames


A. Nicolson (1973)

Film created in contact printer with material which had gone through a process of deterioration in a projection event.

still from Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask

Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask

I. Julien (1995-96)

About the life and work of the highly influential anti-colonialist writer Franz Fanon.

still from Fraudulent Secret Understanding [collusion]

Fraudulent Secret Understanding [collusion]

E.Tan (1999)

The work consisted of Osawa Tsuyoshi's Nasubi 'Gallery', formally a Japanese milk box which was then augmented with sound, lighting, objects and texts to animate the concepts above.

still from Freedonia


C. Swann (2004)

Looking back at a year when Britain went to war.

still from Free Show

Free Show

J. Parker (1979)

A film in three acts, each act prefaced by a short circus act.

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