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film and video a to z
still from Ghost Train

Ghost Train

T. Keane (2002)

Ghost Train: a space between two worlds.

still from Girl


S. Dwoskin (1975)

A girl is confronted by the camera in one long and motionless take.

still from Glow Boys

Glow Boys

M. Waller (1999)

Glow Boys is set in a British nuclear power plant in the company of contract workers termed 'glowboys'.

still from Golden Syrup

Golden Syrup

S. Miles (1988/90)

Out of the Sweetness came forth strength

still from Go West Young Man

Go West Young Man

K. Piper (1996)

still from Grandfather's Footsteps

Grandfather's Footsteps

A. Mogg (1983)

My Mother found an old cigar box full of glass negatives, stereoscopic views, mostly of the Somerset countryside taken by my great grandfather Henry Stiles Savory, who was a country clergyman. Later some more boxes of his negatives turned up at a country house sale. I printed them and made enlargements from some of them, and a few years later the idea came to me to use them in a film.

still from Grass


M. Le Grice (1968)

A 35mm and colour filter slide projections of parkland. .

still from Graving Dock

Graving Dock

R. Haselden (1981)

Graving Docks is recreated as a scaffolding structure in the Acme Gallery.

still from Greek and Turkish Life

Greek and Turkish Life

C. Swann (1982)

We found postcards depicting Greek and Turkish family life.

still from Green Film

Green Film

G. Eatherley (1974)

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