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still from Hang on a Minute/ Winscale

Hang on a Minute/ Winscale

L. Rhodes (1983)

The dust that kills

still from Hang on a Minute/ Words and Wealth

Hang on a Minute/ Words and Wealth

L. Rhodes (1983)

One of 13 one minute films made with the artist Jo Davis and commissioned by Channel 4 for television broadcast.

still from Hannah's Song

Hannah's Song

K. Meynell (1987)

'The first community we ever join: mother and baby.'

still from Happy Bees

Happy Bees

M. Tait (1955)

A child's eye view of the world

still from Haroldinho


H. Offeh (2003)

Haroldinho, "Little Harold", is a persona created and performed by Harold Offeh in response to his experiences of Rio de Janeiro.

still from Haut Parleur (Loud Speaker)

Haut Parleur (Loud Speaker)

A. K├Âtting (2007)

still from He's Back

He's Back

M. Tait (1970)

still from Head Hunter (After Broca)

Head Hunter (After Broca)

K. Piper (2005)

Piper's Installation, entitled 'Head Hunter' (after Broca), explored themes around technologies of inspection and classification, hierarchies of knowledge and the reconstruction of lost faces.

still from Heads


P. Gidal (1969)

Clinical subjectivity, a construct; a consciously, precisely set-up situation.

still from Her Gaze

Her Gaze

K. Meynell (1988)

In the Greek myth Medusa had the ability to turn men and wild beasts to stone by her gaze

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