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film and video a to z
still from Horror Film 1

Horror Film 1

M. Le Grice (1971)

Film performance and shadow play.

still from Horror Film 2

Horror Film 2

M. Le Grice (1972)

3D shadow performance with skeleton.

still from Hortensia


R. Haselden (2001)

A sequence of stills of Hydrangea flowers slowly dissolve one into the other over a period of 30 minutes.

still from Housework


K. Meynell (1980)

still from Hovis Ad

Hovis Ad

G. Barber (1994)

The real true story of the Hovis Ad.

still from How to Arrange a Funeral

How to Arrange a Funeral

S. Croft (2009)

still from How to Change Your Life in a Day

How to Change Your Life in a Day

B. Beban (2004)

Based on Beban's personal experience of war.

still from Hreash House

Hreash House

R. Nashashibi (2004)

One family as an entire community

still from Hub Bub in the Baöbabs

Hub Bub in the Baöbabs

A. Kötting (1989)

Set in the mythological land of 'man-eating' trees, we watch as the author wanders aimlessly amongst the forest

still from Hugh MacDiarmid- A Portrait

Hugh MacDiarmid- A Portrait

M. Tait (1964)

Tait's affectionate portrait of Scotland's great poet

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