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still from I've been here ever since

I've been here ever since

J. Iljon (1979)

still from Ian Breakwell's Christmas Diary

Ian Breakwell's Christmas Diary

I. Breakwell (1984)

A televisual diary which takes a disrespectful attitude to the festive season.

still from Ian Breakwell's Continuous Diary

Ian Breakwell's Continuous Diary

I. Breakwell (1984)

Televisual diary entries celebrating observations on the 'side events of daily life'.

still from I Can't Make You Love Me

I Can't Make You Love Me

B. Beban (2003)

A woman who refuses to speak any other language except for the language of love.

still from I Can See My Way Home

I Can See My Way Home

M. Curran (2003)

The haunting of a house by soundtrack

still from I Cat

I Cat

J. Parker (1980)

A backbone is sometimes a fish. An animated film.

still from Ideas for a better place

Ideas for a better place

E.Tan (2004)

A series of workshops, conversations and collaborations resulting in an AV intervention on the Idea Store's information board, a publication and a limited edition series of t-shirts.

still from Idiophonics


S. Marshall (1971/2)

still from I Dish

I Dish

J. Parker (1982)

Definition to dish: to frustrate, disappoint or defeat

still from I Giselle

I Giselle

J. Iljon (1980)

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