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film and video a to z
still from Jäckofalltrades masterofnône inalandofman eâtingtrees

Jäckofalltrades masterofnône inalandofman eâtingtrees

A. Kötting (1988)

still from Jaded Vision

Jaded Vision

A. Nicolson (1973)

Two screen projection event with film loop, shadow of paper bird and whirled microphone.

still from Jason's Dream

Jason's Dream

B. Beban (1997)

A musical about a hesitant relationship between two young city-dwellers.

still from Jaunt


A. Kötting (1995)

This film is a sort of trailer for his demented feature film, Gallivant.

still from Jazzland


G. Barber (1991)

An experiment in formal filmmaking.

still from Jesus Blood

Jesus Blood

S. Dwoskin (1972)

A London drunk accompanied by the sound of his own song.

still from Jocasta's Giant Clasp

Jocasta's Giant Clasp

A. Thew (1995)

still from John MacFadyen

John MacFadyen

M. Tait (1970)

Images for a march painted directly onto film

still from Johnny Panic

Johnny Panic

S. Lahire (1995)

still from Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Coat

M. Le Grice (1973)

film-loop installation.

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