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still from Journeys Of Remembrance

Journeys Of Remembrance

E.Tan (2008)

still from Jug


G. Sherwin (1977)

The sound of running water and a jug of still water are the subject of reflections on proximity and presence.

still from Jumps in the Film

Jumps in the Film

D. Critchley (1975/6)

still from Juniper Set

Juniper Set

R. Nashashibi (2004)

A film about absence and continuum

still from Just About Now

Just About Now

L. Rhodes (1993)

Who can do more than resist/ and less than subvert?

still from Just Before Dawn

Just Before Dawn

D. Lamelas (1973/74)

still from Just Waiting

Just Waiting

S. Dwoskin (1975)

A portrait of divided Berlin.

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