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film and video a to z
still from K


J. Parker (1989)

Making an external order out of an internal tangle. (K. - abbreviation of 'to knit').

still from Kali


S. Biswas (1985)

still from Kaposi's Sarcoma

Kaposi's Sarcoma

S. Marshall (1983)

still from Kensington Gore

Kensington Gore

C. Elwes (1980)

Different versions of the event of an accident.

still from Key


P. Gidal (1968)

' enclosed and progressive disembowelment of durational progression..' - Birgit Hein 1971.

still from Kiev Code

Kiev Code

C. Swann (1980)

Another cold war thriller that zooms in on the seemingly innocent

still from The King's Chamber

The King's Chamber

J. Al-Ani (1998)

We watch, unseen, as a woman relaxes while she bathes.

still from Kingdom Protista

Kingdom Protista

A. Kötting (2000)

This is the Kingdom of Protista and like all living things it needs to try to suck itself off.

still from Kleiner Vogel

Kleiner Vogel

S. Dwoskin (1976)

A camera observes a woman alone in a room.

still from Klipperty Klopp

Klipperty Klopp

A. Kötting (1984)

A Dada Classic

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