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film and video a to z
still from L.F.M.C Demolition

L.F.M.C Demolition

A. Thew (2004)

The peeling screen, demolished doorways, the old café and film archive are a pile of rubble haunted by a mirage of flickering frames.

still from L'Esprit de Brendan Behan (The Spirit of Brendan Behan)

L'Esprit de Brendan Behan (The Spirit of Brendan Behan)

S. Dwoskin (1990)

A film based on the life and writings of Brendan Behan.

still from L'Heure Autosexuelle

L'Heure Autosexuelle

M. Curran (1994)

A relationship that cannot find union

still from Là Bas (down there)

Là Bas (down there)

A. Kötting (1994)

still from La Belle Nicoise

La Belle Nicoise

D. Hall (1979)

still from Laboured Party

Laboured Party

S. Dwoskin (1975)

A kind of home movie where, somewhat comically, political notions get nowhere.

still from La Campagne

La Campagne

R. Haselden (2002)

A sequence of stills cut together of the portraits of French politicians during the presidential election.

still from Lady Dog

Lady Dog

R. Haselden (1976)

A woman and a dog are the subject of an installation exploring the moving and the still image.

still from Lady Lazarus

Lady Lazarus

S. Lahire (1991)

A film spoken by Sylvia Plath.

still from La Guerre (War)

La Guerre (War)

Grace Ndiritu (2006/2007)

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