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film and video a to z
still from La Lande Chauvre

La Lande Chauvre

R. Haselden (2004-2005)

still from Landmakar


M. Tait (1981)

A study of land: a study of work through the seasons

still from Landscape


H. Lloyd (1999)

Super 8 films shot by skateboarders in cities across Britain.

still from Landscape for Fire

Landscape for Fire

A. McCall (1972)

One of McCall's sculptural performances based on a precisely calibrated grid of small fires.

still from Landscape for White Squares

Landscape for White Squares

A. McCall (1972)

A line of performers advancing slowly across a frozen field.

still from La Nuit Blanche

La Nuit Blanche

R. Haselden (2007)

still from Larynx


M. Curran (1993)

A film which plays with notions of performance and gendering

still from La Societé des Amis de Judex

La Societé des Amis de Judex

M. Waller (2005)

still from Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo

Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo

M. Tait (1955)

Tait's response in images to Gerard Manley Hopkin's poem

still from Leading Light

Leading Light

J. Smith (1975)

"Leading Light uses the camera-eye to reveal the irregular beauty of a familiar space."

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