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still from Legacy


R. Novaczek (1999)

Novaczek plays a mother and her two daughters caught in an endless cycle of complaint.

still from Lenny's Documentary

Lenny's Documentary

I. Bourn (1978)

Lenny recounts the script for an imaginary documentary on his life and environment.

still from Les Chemins des Pendus

Les Chemins des Pendus

R. Haselden (2008)

still from Lessons in How Not to Say What you Mean

Lessons in How Not to Say What you Mean

H. Offeh (2003)

still from Les Souffrances Du Dubbing

Les Souffrances Du Dubbing

M. Curran (1995)

The collision of interior and external worlds

still from Let's Call it Love

Let's Call it Love

B. Beban (2000)

About seduction, longing and loneliness.

still from Lethe Rievaulx

Lethe Rievaulx

A. Thew (1984)

still from The Liaison Officer

The Liaison Officer

C. Elwes (1997)

A journey through Northern France to visit the people and places her father never talked about.

still from Liberty's Booty

Liberty's Booty

V.Dick (1980)

'A clutter of dolls, ornaments, toys, televisions and fairy lights in the interior shots and the effects of urban decay - graffiti, rotting doorways, broken windows and derelict buildings on the outside.' Bev Zalcock.

still from Light Music

Light Music

L. Rhodes (1975)

An investigation into the relationship between shapes and rhythms of lines and their tonality when printed as sound.

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