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still from Light Music -abridged

Light Music -abridged

L. Rhodes (1976)

Final Footnotes

still from Light Occupations

Light Occupations

G. Eatherley (1973/4)

Being a double reference to the two meanings of 'light'.

still from Light Reading

Light Reading

L. Rhodes (1978)

She refused to be framed. She raised her hand stopped the action she began to read she began to reread aloud.

still from Light Sleep

Light Sleep

J. Smith (1981)

A build up of layered images of the same scene.

still from Light Water Power

Light Water Power

K. Meynell (1997)

still from Like a Fox

Like a Fox

G. Eatherley (1988)

Based on life in the Southern French countryside around the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

still from Like Dawn to Dusk

Like Dawn to Dusk

V.Dick (1983)

Lydia Lunch in Connamara on the difficulties of relationship.

still from Line Describing a Cone

Line Describing a Cone

A. McCall (1973)

Shown in an empty space, the film consists of the coming-into-being of a three-dimensional, projected cone of light in the space between the projector and the wall.

still from Lion, the Griffin and the Kangaroo

Lion, the Griffin and the Kangaroo

M. Tait (1952)

A documentary film on Perugia and the University for Foreigners

still from Little Big Horn

Little Big Horn

I. Bourn (1992)

The HOUSEWATCH group use the space beneath the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the South Bank for a mixed-media installation.

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