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film and video a to z
still from Little Dog for Roger

Little Dog for Roger

M. Le Grice (1967)

Some fragments of 9.5 home movie that my father shot of my mother - myself, and a dog we had. MLG..

still from Little Films to Cry To

Little Films to Cry To

B. Beban (2003)

Series of short films dealing with tragic events and sadness.

still from Living Memory

Living Memory

A. Mogg (1980)

The title is a cliche revisited: it refers to the layers of my own and other people's memory of the place where I grew up.

still from Local Boy'z

Local Boy'z

H. Lloyd (2005)

A shop sign.

still from Loisaida


V.Dick (1982)

A daytime reverie to Chopin.

still from London


P. Keiller (1994)

still from London Suite

London Suite

V.Dick (1989)

London's cultural diversity unfolds as Vivienne Dick portrays her friends, their lifestyles, what they talk about and how they talk.

still from Long Film for Ambient Light

Long Film for Ambient Light

A. McCall (1975)

Dispensing with both the strip of film and the projector, the 'film' is based on the architectural framing of time and light.

still from Long Film for Four Projectors

Long Film for Four Projectors

A. McCall (1974)

A continuous installation in which the film is no longer an object but rather an entire three-dimensional field, extended in time. The visitor is surrounded both spatially and durationally.

still from The Long Road to Mazatlán

The Long Road to Mazatlán

I. Julien (1999)

A video collaboration with choreographer Javier de Frutos shot in and around San Antonio.

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