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film and video a to z
still from Looking for Langston

Looking for Langston

I. Julien (1989)

The private world of Langston Hughes recreated in a mythic dimension.

still from Loop


P. Gidal (1968)

A negative upside down portrait.

still from The Loss Leader

The Loss Leader

S. Croft (2000)

Three actors star in a series of fake car commercials and a cinematic psycho-narrative.

still from Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams

S. Dwoskin (2003)

Honouring youth's love and young dreams.

still from Lost for Words

Lost for Words

A. Nicolson (1974)

'Friends in the distance sit talking. Looking at a book sometimes I see them.'

still from Lost for Words

Lost for Words

A. Thew (1980)

a parody on the urban wasteland film, where a little girl recites Karl Marx, and the last man on earth to read and write is interviewed,

still from Lost Lake

Lost Lake

C. Welsby (1996)

When we look at a TV screen, where is the image located in space? Is it located behind the TV tube, so that we view it as if looking through a window?

still from Lost Sound

Lost Sound

J. Smith (1998-2001)

The retrieval and revival of discarded audio tape found on the streets of East London.

still from Lost Vitrines

Lost Vitrines

K. Piper (2007)

Two museum vitrines containing books and other objects.

still from Love In A Cold Climate

Love In A Cold Climate

M. Curran (2002)

An essay in love and longing

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