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film and video a to z
still from Loveless


S. Croft (2000)

24-hour news reports interlock with the final throes of a doomed kidnapping.

still from Loves Secret

Loves Secret

S. Miles (1994)

A cartoon in which the masquerade of femininity is threatened by falling in love.

still from Love Story 1

Love Story 1

M. Le Grice (1971)

film-shadow performance.

still from Love Story 2

Love Story 2

M. Le Grice (1971)

Double projection. No images, only colour..' MLG..

still from Love Story 3

Love Story 3

M. Le Grice (1972)

Film and shadow action..

still from A Loving Man

A Loving Man

J. Al-Ani (1996-99)

A memory game in which the artist, her three sisters and her mother voice their recollections of a loving man, a husband and father who is absent.

still from Lucky Pigs

Lucky Pigs

M. Le Grice (1970)

Exploring a simple permutative relationship between two film loops..

still from Luminous Object 1. 'Incantation'

Luminous Object 1. 'Incantation'

T. Syed (2006)

Luminous Object is a miniature cinema project where objects and frames are made luminous by the films which inhabit them.

still from Lust for Life

Lust for Life

C. Swann (1983)

A reworking of LUST FOR LIFE that divides Van Gogh's life into implied chapters that include 'Vincent And His Art', 'Vincent And Paul (Gauguin)', 'Vincent And Women', 'Vincent, Paul And Women, 'Artists Who Name Drop'...

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