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film and video a to z
still from Messages


G. Sherwin (1981-3)

A response to my young daughter's discovery of language and to her questions about the world.

still from Meta


B. Beban (1987)

Exploring the instability of love.

still from MFV Maureen

MFV Maureen

R. Haselden (1975)

6 screen projection of a fishing trawler out in the North Sea.

still from MiddleSea


Z. Sedira (2008)

In MiddleSea a central character travels on a ferry between Marseille and Algiers.

still from Midwatch


M. Waller (2000)

Mark Aerial Waller's unique and terrifying video work, Midwatch, is set aboard a battleship recently returned from operation Mosaic; the first British nuclear bomb test in the south Atlantic. It is based on conversations held with survivors of this test. Waller has found the extraordinary ability to transform these events into a poetic realm.

still from Midwest


R. Nashashibi (2002)

Morning to night in the streets of Omaha, Nebraska.

still from Midwest: Field

Midwest: Field

R. Nashashibi (2002)

A film about flying

still from Mile End Purgatorio

Mile End Purgatorio

G. Sherwin (1991)

Words and signs taken from a row of shop-fronts are integrated with spoken words. A collaboration with poet Martin Doyle.

still from Milk and Glass

Milk and Glass

S. Pucill (1993)

The film follows the projected table scene of 'You be Mother' but homes in on the mouth.

still from Mille Enfant de Lyon

Mille Enfant de Lyon

R. Haselden (2003)

A thousand children from schools in Lyon were invited to write their signatures on a small handheld organiser.

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