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film and video a to z
still from Moonshine


W. Raban (1974)

A film record of the passing of the full moon.

still from Mother


A. Course (2000)

Mother is a human being but sometimes it doesn't seem like it.

still from Mother, Father and I

Mother, Father and I

Z. Sedira (2003)

Mother, Father and I (2003) underscores the importance of how our memory works.

still from Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

Z. Sedira (2002)

A three screen video installation, recalling the oral tradition of storytelling.

still from Motion Parallax

Motion Parallax

D. Hall (1968)

All motion is relative.

still from Mourning Garden Blackbird

Mourning Garden Blackbird

A. Thew (1984)

My mother's garden filmed the Easter after her death.

still from Mouth Works

Mouth Works

S. Marshall (1975-77)

An extreme close-up of a mouth is used to examine speech patterning, perception of mime, vocal cavity resonation and the electronic fracturing of speech.

still from Movie No 1

Movie No 1

P. Gidal (1972)

Light and speed are synchronous, on film.

still from Movie No 2

Movie No 2

P. Gidal (1972)

A shot of two people.

still from Movie No 2

Movie No 2

P. Gidal (1972)

A shot of two people.

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