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still from Night Assembly

Night Assembly

I. Bourn (1987)


still from Night Dances

Night Dances

S. Lahire (1995)

Night Dances is for my mother, who died whilst helping me to make this piano musical.

still from Nightshots (1, 2, and 3 parts of a series)

Nightshots (1, 2, and 3 parts of a series)

S. Dwoskin (2007)

still from Night Train

Night Train

G. Sherwin (1979)

The sound of lights passing through a darkened landscape seen from a moving train.

still from Nike Religion

Nike Religion

G. Ndiritu (2003)

How have global brands like NIKE achieved cult status?

still from 9 Frames per Second

9 Frames per Second

T. Keane (2000)

still from Nine Jokes

Nine Jokes

I. Breakwell (1971)

A series of very short films, joined together in a single roll for consecutive showing one to nine.

still from Nine Short Stories

Nine Short Stories

J. Smith (1975)

One shot, cut up and reassembled in a different order.

still from No Laughing Matter

No Laughing Matter

J. Iljon (1976)

Experimental documentary - posing questions about looking.

still from No Night No Day

No Night No Day

P. Gidal (1997)

Concretion of Ideas as much as ideation via the filmic.

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