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still from 1001 Nights

1001 Nights

J. Al-Ani (1998)

Rooted in political events and told from the individual perspective of family members, 1001 Nights concerns how public events in the outside world impinge on private individuals.

still from On Leonardo

On Leonardo

A. Thew (1977)

"Would a man prefer to lose his eyes or his hearing?"

still from On the Mountain

On the Mountain

M. Tait (1974)

Tait's brilliant reinvestigation of Edinburgh's Rose Street

still from Open Day

Open Day

R. Nashashibi (2001)

A musical film

still from Orientation Studies

Orientation Studies

S. Marshall (1976)

Eight monitors placed side-by-side on their backs show a tape of edited shots of flowing water (waterfalls, streams, rivers).

still from Orientation Studies 2

Orientation Studies 2

S. Marshall (1977)

The work was a development of aspects of Orientation Studies 1.

still from Orifso


L. Rhodes (1999)

A Fable for Europe

still from Orquil Burn

Orquil Burn

M. Tait (1955)

A journey to the source

still from Out Of It

Out Of It

I. Bourn (1991)

A one-minute take on 'escapism'.

still from Out Of Sight

Out Of Sight

A. Nicolson (1974)

'Someone had to go and walk around the dairy and all of us in the cinema agreed on the route he would take.'

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