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still from Pain Is .....

Pain Is .....

S. Dwoskin (1997)

Pain is..explores pain in its many guises.

still from Painted Eightsome

Painted Eightsome

M. Tait (1970)

Images for a reel painted directly onto film

still from Painted Screen

Painted Screen

G. Sherwin (1970)

still from Palindrome


M. Tait (1964)

still from Pan Film

Pan Film

G. Eatherley (1972)

Short, slow pans across a room.

still from Panopticon


M. Curran (1991)

An early installation juxtaposing the strains of three performers: a poet, a dancer and a boxer

still from Pantalla (Screen) & Proyeccióni (Projection)

Pantalla (Screen) & Proyeccióni (Projection)

D. Lamelas (1967)

In both works, the source of light comes from projectors deprived, however, of their external function, like the TV sets in Situacion de Tiempo.

still from Paper/Paper II

Paper/Paper II

R. Haselden (1980)

Installations at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham & The Sutherland Arts Centre.

still from Paperbag Piece

Paperbag Piece

K. Meynell (1995)

still from Paper House

Paper House

I. Bourn (1992)

The HOUSEWATCH group design a portable house as part of a multimedia project shown in Japan.

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