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film and video a to z
still from Paper Landscape

Paper Landscape

G. Sherwin (1975 (2006))

The filmmaker interacts with film projected onto a transparent screen, playing with the illusion of time and space. A performance using super 8 film, hand-made screen and white paint.

still from Paradise Omeros

Paradise Omeros

I. Julien (2002)

Paradise Omeros delves into the fantasies and feelings of "creoleness".

still from Paris Franprix

Paris Franprix

M. Waller (2003)

Paris-Franprix reaches into the lap of death, into the crumbling 20th arrondissement in Paris and its local supermarket franchise.

still from Park Ambassador

Park Ambassador

R. Nashashibi (2004)

A film loop of a swing structure in a Glasgow park.

still from Park Film

Park Film

C. Welsby (1972)

The camera was pointed at right angles across a busy park pathway.

still from Partial Cone

Partial Cone

A. McCall (1974)

An investigation of the apparent 'solidity ' of the projected membrane by the removal of frames.

still from Passing


E.Tan (1995)

Passing uses a montage of cultural referencing, from the archival to the contemporary, taking from anthropology, popular culture and the sciences in the attempt to deconstruct and demystify the processes of constructing and solidifying cultural boundaries.

still from The Passion of Remembrance

The Passion of Remembrance

I. Julien (1986)

Within a dramatic framework the film gives a mosaic impression of the different dimensions of Black experience lived and imagined by a generation of filmmakers in the UK.

still from Passion Triptych

Passion Triptych

C. Swann (1982)

'Passion Triptych' makes use of three different sequences from the then popular television police series 'Hill Street Blues' recorded on VHS tape.

still from Pedagogue


S. Marshall (1988)

An exploration of gay issues at a specific historical moment - in this case a piece of government legislation passed in 1988.

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