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film and video a to z
still from Penthesilea


L. Mulvey & P. Wollen (1974)

Penthesilea is a film in five sections, with each section in one continuous take, i.e. two reels added together with an 'invisible' junction.

still from Perfidia


C. Swann (2002)

The day to day life of awoman named Perfidia and her neighbours

still from Persistent Visions

Persistent Visions

E.Tan (2005)

a pause in a journey through the Moving Image archives of the Empire and Commonwealth Museum and the histories encapsulated there.

still from Phantoms


C. Swann (1986)

still from Phased TimeĀ²

Phased TimeĀ²

D. Hall (1974)

A pre-determined self-defining procedure, this systematic work comprises equal time spans of lens-matting, panning, rewinding and reshooting constructed as a 'phased' score.

still from Phase Loops

Phase Loops

G. Sherwin (2007 (1971))

still from Phase Loops

Phase Loops

G. Sherwin (2007 (1971))

still from Philosopher Queen

Philosopher Queen

R. Novaczek (1994)

A 'holocaust musical'.

still from Phoneo


R. Novaczek (2008)

A film made entirely on cameraphone, and a noirish take on the 'double', love and loss.

still from Photo/graph/film


P. Gidal (1973)

"Was an attempt to make a film from the stillness of the words 'of' a book...the materiality of the words...." -P.G.

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