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film and video a to z
still from Photoelectric Cell Film

Photoelectric Cell Film

R. Haselden (1975)

Meeting light with light to record an image.

still from Piano Film

Piano Film

A. Nicolson (1976)

Silent music.

still from Pictures on Pink Paper

Pictures on Pink Paper

L. Rhodes (1982)

Fantasy and experience rush together - contained between the hedges of...history?

still from Picture This

Picture This

H. Lloyd (1993)

A woman dancing to Picture This by Blondie.

still from PIDGIN: Interrupted Transmission

PIDGIN: Interrupted Transmission

E.Tan (2002)

'Pidgin' becomes the metaphor for exploring the slippage, invention, creative adaptation, flexibility and fluidity of communication exchanges.

still from Pieces I Never Did

Pieces I Never Did

D. Critchley (1979)

still from Pink Trousers

Pink Trousers

W. Raban (1976)

An installation concerned with the space and time of the projection process.

still from The Pits

The Pits

D. Critchley (2000)

still from Place of Work

Place of Work

M. Tait (1976)

A lyrical meditation on the meaning of place

still from Platform


G. Sherwin (1979)

A train arriving at a station is edited in phased patterns of sound and image.

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