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film and video a to z
still from Play


C. Elwes (1986)

A child tapping on glass and a piano player.

still from Playpen


T. Keane (1979)

In ''Playpen'', a pre-recorded video of females aged from 6 months to 80 years was juxtaposed with Tina Keane sitting in a child's playpen.

still from Pleasant Place, A

Pleasant Place, A

M. Tait (1969)

still from Plum Tree Zoom

Plum Tree Zoom

A. Thew (2002)

An optically printed extract from Farm Film, following the seasons at Dickins Farm, Yorkshire.

still from Plutonium Blonde

Plutonium Blonde

S. Lahire (1987)

Is the woman worker at the terminals an extension of the plutonium-decanning monitors, or is she a germ in the nuclear plant who grows into self-control?

still from Pobal -Portrait of an Artist

Pobal -Portrait of an Artist

V.Dick (1988)

A 25 min portrait of painter Tadgh Mac Sweeney set in London.

still from Point X

Point X

S. Croft (1998)

A small-town murder investigation is fused with a corporate video for a stress management centre.

still from Portfolio


M. Curran (1994)

A questioning of sex, death and art

still from Portraits


R. Haselden (1973)

Focus on a face.

still from Portraits


Z. Sedira (1999)

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