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film and video a to z
still from Print Slip

Print Slip

L. Rhodes (1975)

Symbols and signs at the ends of possible sentences.

still from Privileged View

Privileged View

S. Marshall (1976)

The installation was made for a specific room at the [Third Eye] Centre which is reached by steps from the main gallery.

still from Progressive Recession

Progressive Recession

D. Hall (1974)

A live interactive video installation in which the image moves ahead of the viewer.

still from Projection 1

Projection 1

J. Parker (2000)

still from Providence Trawling

Providence Trawling

R. Haselden (1976)

An installation incorporating stills and film of a boat and its horizon.

still from Public Face Private Eye

Public Face Private Eye

I. Breakwell (1991)

An autobiographical narrative in five acts, portraying formative events in Ian Breakwell's life.

still from Puma


H. Lloyd (1994)

A woman re-lacing her Pumas in a public toilet.

still from Punt


R. Haselden (1973)

A cine camera describes 180 degrees across from the centre of a punt.

still from Pyramids/Skunk


J. Smith (2006)

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