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still from Railings


G. Sherwin (1977)

Images of iron railings are converted into sound. Uses a vertical screen with the projector lying on its side.

still from Railway Carriage

Railway Carriage

R. Haselden (1973)

A train journey from London to Earley Gate in three screens.

still from Railway Trolley

Railway Trolley

R. Haselden (1973)

A moment of a photograph can occupy vast periods of time.

still from Rainfall


C. Welsby (1983)

A prisoner's dream? A hole in the roof through which the rain is falling?

still from Rallentando


G. Sherwin (2000)

still from Rallentando


G. Sherwin (2000)

still from Ramblas Ramblas (Idiomas)

Ramblas Ramblas (Idiomas)

A. Thew (1992/98)

The Ramblas, Barcelona shot to a zoom in zoom out single frame in camera recipe.

still from Random acts of...

Random acts of...

E.Tan (2002)

random acts of…. Consisted of a series of ephemeral works and performative acts along Hanbury Street prior to and during the CURIO exhibition, a street level project off Brick Lane.

still from RCA Women's Group

RCA Women's Group

K. Meynell (1980/3)

still from Reading Film from 'Knots' by R.D.Laing

Reading Film from 'Knots' by R.D.Laing

D. Lamelas (1970)

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