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film and video a to z
still from Reel


J. Al-Ani (2001)

Al-Ani focuses the camera on five pairs of feet performing.

still from Reel Time

Reel Time

A. Nicolson (1973)

Performance with sewing machine, projectors, long loop of film and two readers.

still from Refresh: Circumstance / Choice / Chance

Refresh: Circumstance / Choice / Chance

E.Tan (2002)

15 screensavers programmed to develop over time along specific directions related to the formation and dynamics of groups, clusters, tribes and nations.

still from Regression


J. Smith (1998-9)

A portrait of the artist as a not so young man.

still from Reign of the Vampire

Reign of the Vampire

M. Le Grice (1970)

A synthesis of the 'How to Screw the CIA' series. .

still from Relative Surfaces

Relative Surfaces

D. Hall (1974)

A little seen early video work made on an early open reel 'portapak.'

still from Relocating the Remains

Relocating the Remains

K. Piper (1997/99)

still from Remembrance of Things Past

Remembrance of Things Past

S. Biswas (2006)

still from Repertory


I. Breakwell (1973)

The camera circles the exterior of a locked and empty theatre while a voice-over describes imagined seasons of theatre productions.

still from Reprise


J. Parker (2001)

Reprise is a solo dance piece for film, choreographed and performed by Lynn Seymour.

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