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still from Riddles of the Sphinx

Riddles of the Sphinx

L. Mulvey & P. Wollen (1977)

A film with questions to answer rather than answers to give. Its central concerns are feminism and formalism.

still from Riding Ring

Riding Ring

G. Sherwin (1976)

A series of camera movements animate the wooden posts of a circular riding ring.

still from RIFF


L. Rhodes (2004)

Voices become refrains that defy political violence.

still from Right Between the Eyes (4,800 times)

Right Between the Eyes (4,800 times)

D. Critchley (1974)

still from Rights of Passage

Rights of Passage

W. Raban (1997)

Documentation of a performance by Paul Burwell.

still from Rip It Up

Rip It Up

L. Rhodes (1975)

Overlapping actualities

still from Rita's Dream

Rita's Dream

C. Swann (2001)

'Rita's Dream' is the first of three pieces that have been screened singly or as a three-screen installation.

still from River Sky

River Sky

G. Barber (2002)

A different perspective on a river trip

still from River Yar

River Yar

W. Raban (1972)

A two screen study of seasonal changes at the River Yar estuary on the Isle of Wight.

still from River Yar

River Yar

C. Welsby (1971-72)

Shot through an upstairs window in a water mill on the Isle of Wight, overlooking a tidal estuary.

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