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still from Robert Marshall

Robert Marshall

S. Marshall (1991)

A piece on mortality itself where Marshall's father serves as a precursor for his own sense of mortality.

still from Robinson in Space

Robinson in Space

P. Keiller (1997)

still from Robot Bodies

Robot Bodies

K. Piper (1998)

still from Robot Bodies (The Mechanoid's Bloodline)

Robot Bodies (The Mechanoid's Bloodline)

K. Piper (2001)

Robot Bodies (The Mechanoid's Bloodline)was an interactive gallery based installation exploring themes of racial metaphor within popular science fiction.

still from Rock Star (Character Appropriation)

Rock Star (Character Appropriation)

D. Lamelas (1974)

still from Rococo 55

Rococo 55

S. Croft (2002)

Sex, violence and Modernism amidst a group of Wild West porn actors, a male escort and four Samaritans.

still from Rolando and Tango

Rolando and Tango

H. Lloyd (2003)

Rolando and Tango on a beach.

still from Rolling Stock (Wagons)

Rolling Stock (Wagons)

G. Sherwin (2004)

still from Rolling Stock (Wagons)

Rolling Stock (Wagons)

G. Sherwin (2004)

still from Romance, Heroines and History

Romance, Heroines and History

J. Iljon (1983)

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