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film and video a to z
still from Rome Movie

Rome Movie

A. Thew (1983/85)

a return to Via Palestro, where I used to live.

still from Rome Video: Can You Tell Me Where To Get Off?

Rome Video: Can You Tell Me Where To Get Off?

K. Meynell (2003)

still from Room (Double Take)

Room (Double Take)

P. Gidal (1967)

A revelation' Malcolm Le Grice, 1969.

still from Room Film 1973

Room Film 1973

P. Gidal (1973)

"The film is not a translation of anything, it is not a representation of anything, not even of consciousness." -P.G.

still from Rootless Cosmopolitans

Rootless Cosmopolitans

R. Novaczek (1990)

A mother and her wayward daughter, two women on a roof, and a set of wry stories.

still from Rosemarie


C. Swann (1983)

"In 'Rosemarie'... two images of women - one of the Virgin Mary, the other a 'Greek beauty' from a 1930's advertising campaign - are superimposed in different permutations in both landscape and portrait format.

still from Rose Street

Rose Street

M. Tait (1956)

Tait's evocation of Edinburgh's Rose Street

still from Rothach


V.Dick (1985)

180 pans films of the boglands of Kerry and the lunar landscape of the Burren.

still from Rotting Artist

Rotting Artist

A. Course (2002)

Death by commission.

still from Rumour Shock for the Lab.R.

Rumour Shock for the Lab.R.

L. Rhodes (1974)

Narrative; 2 screen

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