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film and video a to z
still from Saccade


V.Dick (2004)

The shoreline at Salthill, Galway on a summer's day, followed by the sounds and lights of a fairground ride at night to music by Arovane.

still from Sailor Trailer and the Tinkling Laughter of Little Girls

Sailor Trailer and the Tinkling Laughter of Little Girls

A. Thew (1984)

S8 triptych - little girls laugh as a sailor looms out of the steam and lights a cigarette

still from Salamander


T. Syed (1994)

The film is set in a fast food take-away, at a roundabout where the excess of traffic, light and sound forces us into dream space.

still from Salt Water

Salt Water

G. Sherwin (1986)

Reflections in fishtanks in the windows of restaurants in Chinatown, San Francisco. Sounds of foghorns and breaking waves.

still from Saphir


Z. Sedira (2006)

Saphir plays out a developing dialogue between the sea – as site of both connection and separation – the two protagonists and the colonial hotel Es Safir.

still from Sarah


H. Lloyd (2005)

Sarah walking through Park Hill Flats in Sheffield.

still from Saving Face

Saving Face

E.Tan (2001)

Using a series of limited choices made by participants, custom made animated screen savers were produced to individualize personal computers.

still from Say Directly What You Want

Say Directly What You Want

H. Lloyd (1993)

People from an eighties revivalist club.

still from Say Hello To Lottery Park

Say Hello To Lottery Park

G. Barber (1995)

Sometimes life just turns out to be a lovely, lovely lottery.

still from Schweppes Ad

Schweppes Ad

G. Barber (1995)

Schweppes advertising remixed.

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