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film and video a to z
still from Scratch Free State

Scratch Free State

G. Barber (1984)

Life On Earth remix

still from Scream of liberation

Scream of liberation

Z. Sedira (1995)

This video piece uses an Arab 'cheer' ritual

still from Screen


S. Marshall (1976)

still from Screen Entrance Exit

Screen Entrance Exit

M. Le Grice (1974)


still from Screenplay


A. Nicolson (1974)

Two screen play on the volume of the light beam.

still from Sea Pictures

Sea Pictures

C. Welsby (1992)

This film was shot in the city of Vancouver and in the surrounding landscapes of British Columbia. It is a film about hope and despair.

still from Sea Shore

Sea Shore

C. Welsby (1979)

The illusory shore line remains invisible, trapped on celluloid, hidden by the mechanics of the projector, and de-materialised by the illusion of cinematographic movement.

still from Secret Society

Secret Society

G. Barber (1986)

TV disruption

still from Security


I. Bourn (2003 in progress)

A work in progress. Set in the cluttered aisles and storage spaces of an old Londontrade warehouse.

still from Self Heal

Self Heal

A. K├Âtting (1987)

The film is a diabolical bastardisation of various Greek myths

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