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film and video a to z
still from Self Portrait

Self Portrait

G. Sherwin (1975)

A live performance with film projected life-size onto a wall. The artist/performer interacts with his on-screen image; real objects conflict with their same-size illusions.

still from Sense


R. Novaczek (2004)

My clothes were all wrong' is a recurring line in this film, where old and new worlds collide and fragment in a personal narrative lost in a noir-esque world post 9-11.

still from Sentimental Journey

Sentimental Journey

A. Mogg (1977)

The first part of the film is in colour and consists of arguments about how to make films and what film to make.

still from Series 1 & 2

Series 1 & 2

R. Novaczek (1999/2000)

A set of short one to two minute films, a serial.

still from Serpent River

Serpent River

S. Lahire (1989)

Looking like luminescent or blood-red capillaries, the River snakes its way over an atomised country.

still from Seven Days

Seven Days

C. Welsby (1974)

still from Several Small Fires

Several Small Fires

S. Croft (2005)

A series of fake commercials made for non-existent products.

still from Shadow Film

Shadow Film

A. Thew (1983)

When I got my first Super 8 camera with the money from the Cleveland Drawing, I took it to bed with me and slept with it on my pillow.

still from Shadow of a Journey

Shadow of a Journey

T. Keane (1980)

A movement of watery images flickering across the screen; and meanwhile, on the sound track, a woman sings a Gaelic song.

still from Shadows From Light

Shadows From Light

S. Dwoskin (1983)

A documentary on the photographer Bill Brandt made for Channel 4.

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