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still from Shanghai Frolic

Shanghai Frolic

A. Kotting (2004)

still from Shapes


A. Nicolson (1970)

'...the kind of floating quality you can get, images suspended in light.'

still from Sheet


I. Breakwell (1970)

A white linen sheet appears and disappears within a range of different rural and urban locations.

still from She Had her Gun All Ready

She Had her Gun All Ready

V.Dick (1978)

With Lydia Lunch and Pat Place, and set in the Lower East Side, NYC.

still from Sheherazade


D. Lamelas (1980)

David Lamelas plays 'the sheik' in an interview with interviewer Barbara Rothschild (Hildegarde Duane) at his luxurious house in Beverley Hills, LA.

still from Shepherd's Delight - an analysis of humour

Shepherd's Delight - an analysis of humour

J. Smith (1980-4)

The effectiveness of jokes and the study of semiology.

still from She Said

She Said

J. Al-Ani (2000)

Women are locked in an endless flow of hushed, circulating exchanges that recall a game of Chinese Whispers.

still from She Talks To Herself Often

She Talks To Herself Often

K. Meynell (1981)

still from Shine So Hard

Shine So Hard

J. Smith (1981)

An unconventional film of the band 'Echo and the Bunnymen.'

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