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film and video a to z
still from Shit Belt

Shit Belt

A. Course (2000)

A man I admire had a shit belt, I wanted one too. I couldn't afford to buy one and I didn't know where to find one so I made one for myself.

still from Shore Line I

Shore Line I

C. Welsby (1977)

A panoramic view of the beach turns out, on closer examination, to be an illusion created by the projection event.

still from Shore Line II

Shore Line II

C. Welsby (1979)

The infinitely complex rhythm of the waves breaking on the shore forms a complex counterpoint to the random nature of the projection event.

still from Short Film Series

Short Film Series

G. Sherwin (1975-1998)

An interconnected set of 3 minute films, in which the structure of each one becomes apparent through the process of watching

still from Shot Spread

Shot Spread

G. Eatherley (1972)

Pigeons in Trafalgar Square

still from Shot Through

Shot Through

E.Tan (2008)

still from Shouting Match

Shouting Match

G. Barber (2004)

A video of a performance in a London warehouse.

still from Sicher Heits

Sicher Heits

G. Eatherley (1973)

Found-footage bombs as non-flamable film stock.

still from Sicilia Cantar - Journey to Siracusa

Sicilia Cantar - Journey to Siracusa

A. Thew (1999/2000)

If a camera could smell, it would smell the perfume of Alfredo's basil, as the leaves and flowers swish past the Super 8 macro lens.

still from Sick As A Dog

Sick As A Dog

I. Bourn (1989)

The downward spiral of a dog racing gentleman.

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